Deidre Gilley

Deidre Gilley will be a doctoral student supported and funded through Project RAISE (Research-based Academic Interventions for Students with Extensive Support Needs) at Florida State University in the fall of 2020. She previously was a self-contained classroom teacher in Knoxville, Tennessee and taught abroad in Madrid, Spain. While abroad she spent time teaching English, consulting on a secondary school's special education program, and taught at a transition school for adult students. Deidre received her B.A. at Pfeiffer University in North Carolina (2017) and her M.S. at Florida State University in Florida (2018). Her research interests include targeting functional academics for students with extensive support needs. Deidre has been working with the General Curriculum Access (GCA) lab for the last three years under the guidance of Dr. Jenny Root and is assisting in research targeting mathematical problem solving for students with extensive support needs.

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